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Stroke & Hiatus

Happy New Year! If you’ve been a regular visitor to the site, I want to extend my thanks and hope I can continue to impress throughout the coming year. If you’re asking what happened to the daily photos as they appear to have not been updated in a while.  It’s true. Toward the end of…

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Photography Poll

Photography Poll: What Photography Tips Would Interest You? Welcome to my first photography poll.  I want to engage with all my fellow photographers out there and discover what thoughts you have. In the interest of writing useful content, tell me what you would like to hear about.  Send me some feedback. Contact me directly if…

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Judging Art

Judging Art Zen teachings advise you should approach every experience with a beginner’s eye; that is to say, you should try to free yourself from the prejudices of the past and approach everything as though it is the first time.  Though I feel there’s a lot of value in this approach, I also don’t think…

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Photography Tips: Turn Off The Flash

Photography Tips: Turn Off The Flash Hi and welcome to the first in a series of photography tips presented by It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, whether you have a phone camera or an expensive professional camera, the goal of photography is the same: take an impressive photo which makes a…

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